SSBA 2016 Program


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Invited speakers

March 14: Aysin Ertuzun, Bogazici University, Turkey
Data-Driven Methods in Defect Detection in Textile Images
This lectured is sponsored by Centre for Image Analysis.
March 14: Marleen de Bruijne, University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands and
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Learning approaches in medical image analysis
March 15: Uwe Franke, Daimler Research and Development, Germany
Vision, you can drive my car
March 15: Carl-Fredrik Westin, Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA
Microstructure imaging of the human brain using diffusion MRI
This lectured is sponsored by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, and open also for people who are not registered for the conference.

Perspectives on image processing, March 16

  • Thomas Schön, Division of Systems and Control, Dept. of Information Technology, Uppsala University
    Computer vision, perspectives from machine learning
  • Mats Lind, Division of Visual Information and Interaction, Dept. of Information Technology, Uppsala University
    Image processing, perspectives from human-computer interaction
  • Stina Svensson, RaySearch Laboratories
    Image processing, perspectives from radiation therapy